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Before & After School Care We aim to inspire the children to do their best in everything they put their mind to.


Focusing on Your Child's Growth

Before and After School Care caters to the needs of primary school aged children. The centre’s bus service is used to drop off and pick up children to and from local primary school.

When the children are not at school we emphasise play, social interactions, and recreation. The children are encouraged daily to have quiet time by themselves in order to read, do homework or complete a puzzle. The activities are organised in small and large groups which encourage social interaction and group discussions between the children and educators.

The activities implemented are structured depending on the individual interest of each child, which is then followed up and implemented further to extend their learning.


Well-Rounded Interaction

Our trained and experienced educators provide a safe and caring environment with a rich program of activities such as art and craft, games, sport, and computer time.

Art & Craft

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Art and craft is the best way for the children to express their feelings. Whether it be painting, drawing, creating a collage, or origami, we feel that it is important for the children to express themselves. The diversity of the group shines through the different colours, texture, and materials they choose to use in their creative pieces.


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The use of technology is another form of learning. The computer is used for different learning purposes. The children are encouraged to research certain topics they are interested in. This enhances their problem-solving, hypothesizing, research, and investigation skills.

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