Rainbows Go Bike Riding

On Tuesday 13th November 2018, Casey took 5 Rainbows along for a morning at Campbelltown Bike Track with Kerry Seery.

The Rainbows had a great morning learning about:

  • Learning to ride in a safe environment
  • Experiencing riding on a road circuit with simulating road conditions
  • Enhancing student ride skill abilities as an individual and within a group
  • Road Safety
  • Safety on wheels
  • Helmet education
  • Pedestrian education
  • Bicycle maintenance
  • Basic bicycle maintenance

They all demonstrated how they could ride a bike with training wheels, they showed how they could glide and balance on a balancing bike and a couple even took the next step and learnt how to ride a bike without training wheels.

All children left confident bike riders, with a broader understanding of; riding in a safe environment, road safety, pedestrian education and helmet safety.