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Rainbow Room – Ages 3-5

Rainbow Room


The rainbow room consists of the children in our care aged 3-5. The educators in the room provide each child with a caring natural environment. We believe that each child is a capable, competent and successful learner who learns best through play. The educators plan experiences based on their individual strengths, interests and needs.

In the rainbow room we take a project approach where we find a topic of interest to the children and we research and investigate as a group about the topic. A recent project which we completed was on rainforests where the children made a rainforest area in the room. The children enjoyed learning about the animals of the rainforest, where the rainforests are and why we have rainforests. We used the interactive white board to research videos about the rainforest to help us gain facts. These projects are embedded within our program and merged across the areas of play in the room.

These projects help the educators gain community involvement in the centre as we then seek out performers and people to come visit the centre and teach us more about the topic of interest.

Our school readiness program starts from the first day your child attends Kinder Kare, regardless of their age. Babies and toddlers will learn to feel safe and secure when they separate from their parents in the mornings and pre-schoolers will learn social skills in the playground such as problem solving and turn taking, as well as independence, self-help and a sense of agency.

Our School Readiness Program becomes more intensive and focused for children ages 4-5, right before they are about to leave our care for big school!

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