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7 Reasons
To Send Your Child To Kinder Kare

Butterfly Room – Ages 2-3

Butterfly Room

In the Butterfly Room we encourage exploration engaging with children at play so they gain a better understanding of their own world. We focus on assisting children’s independence skills. Children are praised and assisted as they learn to:

  • Use the toilet
  • Use eating utensils
  • Wipe their own nose
  • Put their own paint shirts on/off
  • Hang up their own art work
  • Make their own beds
  • Take their own shoes on/off
  • Pack up after play time into appropriate boxes and allocated shelves.

The program caters to children’s individual needs and interest as activities and projects are based on children’s and family’s interests and input. We also focus closely on social and language skills, assisting Butterflies to verbally share space and equipment developing more cooperative play.

Sensory, creative, imaginative, language and music are offered daily to enhance exploration and curiosity. As Butterflies gain more in-depth understanding, the activities become more challenging to support new skills learned and enhance a better understanding of their world.

The program also supports learning about the child’s environment and environmental care as Butterflies learn to recycle and take care of plants as a few examples.

Overall the program supports curiosity, imagination and interests encouraging more active exploration!

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